Nine Months of Tenerife

‘Life’s a beach, wear a bikini’ Tried my hand at creating a video of my time in Tenerife and after being at home for 19 days now the novelty has worn out and… Continue reading

Paragliding over my favourite Island

Finally got my act together, my one piece on and took to the skies with Archipelago para-gliders of Adeje. I was lucky enough to have a full 30 minute flight catching several thermals and a… Continue reading

The not so awkward Turtle

El Puertito, on the South Coast of Tenerife is one of our favourite places on the Island. AKA Turtle Bay, this places is home to a family of Greenback Turtles. Here are some… Continue reading

HD Hero2

Although not fortunate enough to own the new  Hero3, I’m not at all discouraged to write about how great the HD Hero2 is. The worlds most versatile camera never fails to deliver the… Continue reading


It’s March 21st and in 1 month, 1 week and 2 days we’ll both be mid-flight heading home.  The official countdown has begun, in the past it’s been for the 200+ people who… Continue reading

Flash Point Cafe

I made a rather big claim yesterday that this was the best cafe I have ever been to. Until I find a place that makes a better lasagna (Sorry mother) or delivers a better vibe,… Continue reading

Night Sky


A Life without Walls

I’ll start with describing what I can see from my position in my ‘office’ this very moment. A rickety old terrace (probably not adequate to hold my weight) forms the basis of my… Continue reading

How to pack for nine months

Everytime a new housemate arrives for a three week average stay and the same size suitcase as me I get a slight tinge of anger, call it rage or jealously whatever it is… Continue reading

At one with the whales

One of our main jobs working at the Atlantic Whale Foundation is to collect data on the location, behaviour and population of the cetaceans we see off the coast of Tenerife. Having been here 148… Continue reading