HD Hero2

Naked HD Hero2

Although not fortunate enough to own the new  Hero3, I’m not at all discouraged to write about how great the HD Hero2 is. The worlds most versatile camera never fails to deliver the perfect action shot or outdoor experience and I can quite easily say it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made.

A step up from the Hero 2, the HD Hero 2 offers improved low light capability and films at 120 frames per second, creating excellent videos for professionals and hobbyists – I am the latter. Photographs are taken with 11megapixels and with the optional wide angle lens the focal point is considerably smaller allowing a substantially larger field of view. In easier terms, the camera will take pictures which include the whole scene and all objects in view.

Another advantage of these cameras is the waterproof housing available in the outdoor and sports edition. The housing allows the camera to go 60m underwater, perfect for scuba diving. Although GoPro are yet to create a scuba diving mount, there is a Dive Housing accessory, a flat glass lens allows photo and video sharpness underwater in all resolutions, costing around £50, it’s definitely worth it for the image quality produced.

The GoPro camera does not come with a fixed screen, but for me that’s almost the fun of it. It’s a perfect opportunity for a point and shoot and 99% of the time you’ll capture what you want thanks to the wide angle lens. But if that’s not for you, GoPro’s got it covered with an attachable LCD screen offering image and video playback and the option to see where the camera’s pointing. Genius.


The reason this little beauty is known as the worlds most versatile camera is due to its adaptability to a huge array of adventure sports. From handle bar mounts to head mounts, surf mounts, to wrist mounts, GoPro have it all so if you’re looking for something to capture the moment of adrenaline, or simply seize the moment on film, choose GoPro.