Flash Point Cafe

I made a rather big claim yesterday that this was the best cafe I have ever been to. Until I find a place that makes a better lasagna (Sorry mother) or delivers a better vibe, I’m sticking to my statement.

El Medano in itself is in my top three spots in the Island. A beautiful beach  on the south coast nearly always filled with kite and wind surfers because of its constant strong winds. The town is home to an endless supply of surf shops and quirky outlets with home made goods, and there is always a buzzing atmosphere which gives the town such a great cultural vibe.


FlashPoint cafe is a short walk along the beach towards the west side of the town, you have to pass a number of cafes and restaurants along the way. But don’t be tempted – keep walking. Packed with friendly locals and El Medano regulars, Flashpoint cafe lets out a chilled yet energetic atmosphere to eat, drink and relax. The view from the terrace is a bonus too, great for people watching and even better if there are surfers in the water.

The food. A personal favourite would be the home made lasagna. And the Pesto Mozzarella Pasta. But the mozzarella salad is also good. Then there’s the spare ribs. And  a pineapple juice. Everything is tasty ok.

So.. If you’re in Tenerife, go to El Medano, and go to Flashpoint Cafe.

Visit them on their facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flashpoint-El-Medano/171575712903215

I also promised I’d include this dude http://dazzlo.wordpress.com/ in this post. So there you go Daz, expect atleast one more view. Check him his blog out for news and stories about conservation out here in Tenerife.