A Life without Walls

Belle 'working' in the 'Dojo'

Belle ‘working’ in the ‘Dojo’

I’ll start with describing what I can see from my position in my ‘office’ this very moment. A rickety old terrace (probably not adequate to hold my weight) forms the basis of my provisional vision. Then comes the jagged volcanic hills  and occasionally irregular blocks of Spanish architecture and their idea of ‘towns’. In amongst this there is the odd goat, a thirsty looking horse, and a golden eagle which has undoubtedly escaped from the Jungle Park. And finally before the glimmering horizon of the Canarian Waters, and hazy outline of La Gomera lies the slightly less cultural, yet just as impressive coastline of Los Christianos and Las Americas.

It is said view that makes me never want to have an office job. The idea of being cooped up inside a room surrounded by solid opaque walls with no natural light does not appeal to me. Having to take a plastic cup from a machine and then have it filled with broccoli tasting tea. I don’t even drink tea but maybe my life would come to that if I were to have an office job.

My working space here allows me to roll around and work spontaneously. When I finish writing this I could do a roly poly and land comfortably on a circular mattress and various cushions and sleeping bags. I’ve now moved to the Dojo area (pictured below). This is an area in the house which is the ultimate chillout zone. A spherical hole in the floor with a mattress and a load of fun comfy STUFF shoved inside to allow maximum relaxation in a working environment. And it works. I reckon I could write the whole of my dissertation right now in this atmosphere . I think everyone could benefit from some sort of cushion-pile-comfy-mound like structure in their office.


It’s not just the house which makes my job so appealing. My ‘office’ also extends out into the ocean and up mountains. Going out on boats or up to the Flanks of Teide and collecting data on the flora and fauna of Tenerife is also an ultimate dream compared to my opinion of an office job.

This one actually has walls

This one actually has walls

This being said, I am actually guiltily looking forward to going back to the grim and rainy student life in Manchester and sitting in a wooden cubical in the Library with endless journals and papers in prep for disso work. But that’s probably just an element of home sickness. So right now whilst I slouch here with didgery-doo’s hanging from the ceiling and lizards probably crawling on my face, I’m going to take full advantage of this wall-less office because one day, I will probably have to have that dreaded fully wall’ed job….

Maybe I should start drinking tea.