At one with the whales

One of our main jobs working at the Atlantic Whale Foundation is to collect data on the location, behaviour and population of the cetaceans we see off the coast of Tenerife. Having been here 148 days we’ve seen more than 200 short finned pilot whales and just sheer of of 150 Bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. We’ve also had the rare opportunity of swimming with the short finned pilot whales and collecting underwater footage. It’s an experience that makes one question why these creatures would ever be held in captivity.

There are many migratory species that pass through Canarian waters because of its warm temperatures. We’ve been lucky enough to see a Brydes  whale, and it’s still fingers crossed for that Fin whale and maybe even a Blue.

Seeing these creatures in their natural habitat and having the chance to be in arm’s length with them in the water is an experience we will never forget and one we are very grateful for. Learning about these magnificent intelligent creatures gave us a clear insight that we belong near the sea – an endless pool of opportunities, education and adventure.