From Beach Babes to Water Babies


It’s official, we even have Dive log books, that’s right we are now fully fledged Open Water Divers! Over the past week we’ve been donning fins and mask and delving (falling backwards off a rib) into El Mar to explore.

We started on monday morning grabbed our wetsuits and fins and headed for the rib. The rib ride was quiet, lots of internal reflection going on, personally in this time i realised PADI could stand for ‘Pay And Die Instantly’ but i didn’t share this with the group for obvious reasons.

Over the week we met many interesting people diving with us. A friendly and overly enthusiastic Norwegian being one and Old Ken who share a valuable nugget of advice “imagine you’re swimming through syrup”. And the family of plump, pale and pushy parents… they were charming.

Each dive got better and better and by the end we were 100% hooked. We completed our theory (despite not seeing the DVD or reading the book) and had our final dive and that’s that. Open water: check. Bring on advanced!