Hug in a Mug

To kick start the day with a coffee is in most people’s morning rituals, that daily shot of energy to widen the pupils and prepare one for a day of errands. For me, I’ve always participated in more of a natural wakeup call, a run, a walk, or a cold shower. That is until I was introduced to the famous LECHE LECHE three months ago today.

The ingredients of milk, coffee, and condensed milk is mixed together to create a sip of love to the system before a day at work. Costing an average of 1euro it’s easy to claim that you can’t afford not to buy one. It’s now three months down the line and I’ve worked out I’ve consumed around 60 Leche Leche’s, not bad for someone who’s not a natural coffee drinker. For me this cup of perfection is a cafes necessity. I will be deeply lost and bewildered when I arrive back in England and Starbucks break my heart with the words ‘I’m sorry, we don’t sell that here’. What will I do? Make my own? Surely not. I’m even slightly offended when my Leche Leche order isn’t equipped with a biscuit or extra sugar on the side. Some say it’s diabetes in a cup, and they are probably right, but for me it’s my morning hug and my days motivation. So, Cortado Leche Leche Por Favor?