It’s been 2 months, 1 week, 1 day, 2 hours and 5 minutes since I embarked on this adventure. Some great additions have been made to my life, a new found sense of freedom, a dislike of materialism and a decent base tan but above all the best addition was my Casio.

Before “cas” was attached to my left wrist, I had on average 20 separate alarms set on my phone, didn’t know my 12 hour from my 24 hour clock, arrived awkwardly early or inappropriately late and generally wandered around like a ‘lost boy’ with no shoes on… I still wander around with no shoes on.

I envied those with a time telling deviced wrapped around their wrists. To me owning a watch was the height of sophistication, if you wore a watch you may as well pace the streets, placard in hand, exclaiming how organized you were and how you had well and truly made it in life.

Purchasing said Casio wasn’t smooth. It was a Saturday, on Las Americas surf beach. There was no swell, no surf and no surfers. We’d walked ten minutes to the surf beach to no avail. Window shopping in countless surf shops grew tiring until we turned a corner, literally. Turning to our right, third shop along there they were in the shop window. We entered, we pointed, we purchased, simple. I left the shop satisfied…

Then I realised my brand new Casio was out of battery. U-turn, back to the shop, walk in, different shop assistant, point at Casio, language barrier, point some more, remove Casio, swap Casio, new Casio, different model but whatever, I own a Casio.

So that’s it, I thought, I bought and as I write this I can tell you it 18:41:45 and that’s because I own a watch: I’ve made it in life.

I still rarely wear shoes.